The African and Diaspora DiscourseA-DD, is a peer-reviewed academic journal that sets out to reconfigure African Studies through original and intellectually stimulating  reseach papers that are capable of provoking  new questions, theories and debates on Africa and her relationship with the world; and from multidisciplinary perspectives too. The A-DD annually publishes artcles in both English and French languages, and is domiciled in the Institute of African and Diaspora Studies, Univeristy of Lagos, Ngeria.


Requirements  from Contributors

Presentation: Manuscripts should be based on accessible, synthesized and established knowledge. They should be concise, yet comprehensive; written in clear   academic English expressions that   are free from undue emotion and arrogance.   They must also be subjected to basic grammar and spelling checks before being submitted for consideration.     Where used in submitted manuscripts, specialized terminologies or, and jargons should be defined and explained. Manuscripts should be free from brand promotion or advert, and must use the American Psychological Association 6th or current Edition as reference style. Manuscripts submitted in French must include a second abstract written in English, while those submitted in English must have a second abstract in French.


       Length: 5,000 to 8,000 words



  • Title, Affiliation, Contact Email and Cell Phone Numbers
  • Abstract of Between 150 and 200 Words
  • 5 Key Words
  • Introduction should, in a flow - on format, contain the problem statement and objectives cum questions raised by the manuscript; including arrangement of sections.
  • Conclusion
  • Figures and tables should be numbered consecutively in the order they appear in the in the manuscript.